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Trulink IOS App

The AGXsp has been out for a few months now, and it’s been just as exciting and convenient as advertised! Here’s what our patients and others love about this interactive breakthrough in hearing technology:

  • Using the iPhone® to stream phone calls, music, videos, FaceTime® calls, and Siri® from the iPhone straight  to their hearing aids
  • Setting subtle sound adjustments that the iPhone remembers for up to 20 different locations
  • UsingTrulink IOS App the iPhone to find lost or misplaced hearing aids

If it sounds like the AGXsp has improved the lives of its users in ways they never thought possible, it’s because it has — and these are just a few of the features. Make an appointment to demo this amazing new technology by calling our office at 405.273.6203 or 800.974.6205, and see for yourself how the AGXsp can simplify — and more deeply connect — all aspects of your life.made for iphone ipod ipad download in app store now


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