Mayor of Shawnee to Proclaim “May Is Better Hearing Month”

Shawnee, Oklahoma May 1, 2013 – It’s a big problem: More than 48 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the country today (behind arthritis and heart disease). To focus on the ill effects of hearing loss, May is designated as National Better Hearing Month. To help with it’s celebration and to help bring attention to this issue affecting approximately 1 in 5 Shawnee residents, Mayor Wes Mainord is issuing an official proclamation at 6:30 pm on May 6, 2013 to the constituents of Shawnee, OK that “May Is Better Hearing Month” at the monthly City Council meeting at the City Hall.
“The myth regarding hearing difficulty is that it is associated with the normal aging process. However, hearing loss is typically a reflection of past noise exposure and/or a family history of hearing loss. Further, more than half of all hearing impaired persons are younger than 65,” said Kurt Kalies, Audiologist and owner of Hearing Health Care, Inc. in Shawnee. “Sadly, too many people either do not recognize that they are having hearing difficulties, or do not want to admit their difficulties due to preconceived notions or social stereotypes.”
Because not seeking treatment can have long-term negative effects on communication and cognition, Kalies wants to remind people that help is available.
“I want to encourage people in the community to seek answers to their questions about hearing difficulties from an audiologist and to educate themselves about available solutions. May is a great month to focus on this.” said Mr. Kalies.
“The public is invited to attend an educational open house at Hearing Health Care on May 22, 2013 from 10-12 am at 3954 N Kickapoo. We will be offering programs on “How to take care of your Hearing”, “Dealing with Tinnitus”, “How to clean your ears”, “Managing Dizziness” to name a few. Refreshments will be served. There will be drawings for assistive listening devices for the hearing impaired. Please call my office at 405-273-6203 to RSVP. It’s going to be fun!”

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