Tinnitus Treatment: Increase your coffee intake to avoid Ringing in Ears


Have you ever witnessed ringing or buzzing sound in the ear when there is actually no outside source of sound? If yes then such problem is called Tinnitus. And to solve this, all you need to do is increase your intake of coffee to promote caffeine consumption.

As mentioned earlier, health experts say such problem of buzzing in ears is called tinnitus and it is common in women. However, it is expected that over a quarter of United States population which includes both men and women has experienced the problem of tinnitus at some point of their life.

A new study has found that women who take higher amount of caffeine are reported with lower incidence of unexplained ear buzzing.

The researchers carried the study and concluded that higher intake of caffeine is linked with lower rates of tinnitus in younger and middle-aged women.

For the study, the researchers involved more than 65,000 women and followed them for 18 years. All the women participating in the study were aged between 30 and 44 years and without tinnitus in 1991. They kept a track record of self-reported results of all the participating women about lifestyle and medical history.

After 18 years of follow up, the researchers found 5,289 cases of tinnitus.

Study researcher Gary Curha said, “We observed a significant inverse association between caffeine intake and the incidence of tinnitus among these women.”

Curha is a physician-researcher at Boston Women’s Hospital (BWH) in Massachusetts and Channing Division of Network Medicine at Brigham.

According to the researchers, the reported incidence of tinnitus was 15 percent lower among those participants who consumed 450 to 599 mg/day of caffeine against those with caffeine intake less than 150 milligrams/day (one and a half 8-ounce cups of coffee).

Coffee was the major source of caffeine for these women. The study showed no varied result age-wise.

Noting the findings, Curhan said, “We know that caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and previous research has demonstrated that caffeine has a direct effect on the inner ear in both bench science and animal studies.”

While concluding the findings, the researches underlined more in-depth research work on the topic in order to make any recommendations on whether high caffeine intake could improve tinnitus symptoms.

The study was published in the journal American Journal of Medicine.

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